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Navigator 550

Hydrazine wet-section

Measurement made easy


This publication provides commissioning 
instructions for the Navigator 550 hydrazine wet-
section. The wet-section is used in conjunction with 
the Navigator 540 transmitter.

Purchase or prepare the correct solutions prior to 

•  to purchase solutions, contact your local ABB 


•  to prepare solutions, refer to Solution 

preparation (overleaf) 

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Data Sheet
Navigator 500  
Hydrazine analyzer


Operating Instruction
Navigator 500  
Hydrazine analyzer 


Commissioning Instruction
Navigator 540 transmitter


Navigator 550  
hydrazine wet-section

Summary of Contents for Navigator 550

Page 1: ...e the correct solutions prior to commissioning to purchase solutions contact your local ABB representative to prepare solutions refer to Solution preparation overleaf For more information Further publ...

Page 2: ...ndling containers reservoirs and delivery systems that contain chemical reagents and standards Protective eye wear and hand wear must always be used when contact with chemicals is possible Normal safe...

Page 3: ...posal systems In conformity with European local and national regulations European electrical equipment users must now return old or end of life equipment to the manufacturer for disposal at no charge...

Page 4: ...les within flexible earthed metal conduit 3 Mounting the wet section Refer to Fig 2 for wet section dimensions The wet section weighs 4 5 kg 10 lb excluding solutions Referring to Fig 2 1 Mark the wal...

Page 5: ...on site All other internal wet section tubing connections are factory made Referring to Fig 44 1 Fill the standard solution 2 high and reagent containers with the correct solutions refer to Solution p...

Page 6: ...L situated on the top of the reagent dosing chamber M 7 Place a small beaker into the main case and hold the end of reagent tube K over it to enable the reagent to flow through the tube to displace an...

Page 7: ...Press the key below the Select prompt on the Standard Solution page 18 Enter the required concentration of the standard solution using the keys to scroll to the required numbers Press the key below th...

Page 8: ...used to help this transfer 2 In a separate vessel weigh out 100 1 g sodium hydroxide NaOH pellets analytical reagent grade and dissolve in approximately 300 ml 10 0 fl oz high purity water in a plast...