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Karma Limbo

 (aka James Thompson) February 2008


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Karma Limbo

  Re-Assembly Guide 


As you might imagine, the re-assembly of the player is the same as the disassembly, just in reverse.  
There are some tricks however, which is why I have prepared a separate step-by-step guide for re-

With practice this should only take you about 15-20 minutes, start to finish.  If you want larger 
versions of the images imbedded here, you can download them from the Depot page on my website.  
They are the same images as in the disassembly guide, just in a different order. 

STEP 1: 


Make sure you have all the pieces! (1a)  Hopefully you put all the little bits into a plastic tub or 
something when you disassembled the player.  Prepare your work area; lay down a towel or cloth on 
a level surface, get lots of light, your tools (see Recommended Tools & Supplies), and a comfy chair. 



STEP 2: 


Hold the main board in one hand, and the drive in the other (2a).  Start the drive onto its connector, 
holding the opposite end up to clear the volume switches (2b).  Gently but firmly push the drive all 
the way onto its connector, rocking it back and forth as you go (2c).  Now flip the player over and 
use your #0 Phillips screwdriver to put the top left screw in place (2d).  Leave the two screws on the 
bottom for the next step. 

Summary of Contents for Rio Karma

Page 1: ...erent order STEP 1 GET READY Make sure you have all the pieces 1a Hopefully you put all the little bits into a plastic tub or something when you disassembled the player Prepare your work area lay down...

Page 2: ...r fingertip or other pointy thing to push the brown lever down locking the ribbon cable in place 3b Check that you have the ribbon locked in its fully inserted position If the ribbon is at an angle or...

Page 3: ...daughter board to make sure none are bent or missing Slide the battery into its position as shown in 4a Align the pins of the battery daughter board with its connector on the main board 4b and push it...

Page 4: ...up the connectors on the bottom with the corresponding holes in the case 5b As you start to insert the assembly stretch the right hand side of the case so that it fits around the keylock switch 5c You...

Page 5: ...en the screw 6a 6b STEP 7 INSTALL BACK CASE The back case takes a little finagling to put on but it isn t as delicate a job as the front case was in Step 5 The front and back cases hook together on th...

Page 6: ...image 8a Before you peel the backing off the tape and put the lense in place make sure you clean the LCD and lense with glass cleaner and blow off any lint Once all is clean and ready to go peel your...

Page 7: ...wo machine screws on the bottom of the player 9b Make sure you squeeze everything together as you put the screws it The screws should go in fairly easily If they are going in fairly hard or in crooked...