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Review Package Contents



Make sure that the package contains the following items. If any items are 
missing, contact the reseller.   



DMP-210/220 Player 



Drivers and Software on CD-ROM 






USB Cable 



User’s Manual 



Quick Install Guide 



1 x AA Alkaline Battery 


Driver and Manager Installation 


The driver enables the Manager software to communicate with the 
DMP-210/220. When you install the Manager software, the drivers will 
automatically be copied to the Windows system directory.   





Install the Manager program before connecting your 
DMP-210/220 to the USB port.

 The Manager program 

loads the appropriate drivers necessary to complete the 
installation. If the device is connected before installing the 
Manager program, disconnect the DMP-210/220 from the 
USB port, exit the “Add New Hardware Wizard” screen and 
restart your computer.



Summary of Contents for DMP-210 - 32 MB Digital Player

Page 1: ...nager software to communicate with the DMP 210 220 When you install the Manager software the drivers will automatically be copied to the Windows system directory Note Install the Manager program befor...

Page 2: ...een will appear automatically Click on the button labeled Install Manager Note If the Autorun screen does not appear click on Start and select Run In the run dialog box type drive autorun exe and clic...

Page 3: ...t the type A end of the USB cable to the USB port on your computer This is the flatter rectangular end of the USB cable Connect the other end of the USB connector on the DMP 210 220 This is the smalle...

Page 4: ...ppear On the Left side select the Drive and Folder of your MP3 files Select the MP3 files you wish to download to the DMP 210 220 Press the Send to DMP 210 220 button to download the selected MP3 file...

Page 5: ...most electronic stores Refer to the User s Manual for more information When using SmartMedia Cards you will need to click the select button to download music to the SmartMedia memory Pressing the Upda...

Page 6: ...upplied earphones to the earphone jack of the player 2 Press the Play Pause button to start playback Playback starts from the MP3 file that you played the last time you used the DMP 210 220 3 Adjust t...

Page 7: ...ayer USB cable is not connected properly Make sure that the USB cables are connected securely The DMP 210 220 is not turned on Press the Play button to turn the power on The manager software doesn t r...

Page 8: ...expose this product to extreme heat Remove the battery when not in use for extended periods of time Technical Support D Link provides free technical support for customers within the United States thro...