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ScreenMaster SM1000, SM2000 and SM3000

Paperless recorders

Replacing the battery

1  Introduction

This publication details the replacement of the battery (B11845)  
fitted to the main board of ScreenMaster SM1000, SM2000 and 
SM3000 paperless recorders. The procedure must be carried 
out by a trained technician.

The battery is non-rechargeable and its only function is to 
supply power to the recorder’s real-time clock when the 
recorder is isolated from the power supply. It can supply power 
to the clock for a minimum of 1.5 years before replacement is 

2  SM1000 and SM2000

Removing the main board


The recorder is vulnerable to electrostatic damage. Wear an 
anti-static strap or dismantle the recorder on an anti-static 

Remove the main board as follows: 

Isolate the recorder from its power supply.

Remove the recorder from its case – see Figure 1.


  Refitting is the reverse of removal.

Withdraw the recorder 

from its case

Terminal cover 

(if fitted)


Unscrew the 

jacking screw


Remove tamper-evident seal (if fitted).

Caution.  Do not break the tamper-evident 

seal  unless authorized to do so.


Figure 1  Removing the recorder from its case

Summary of Contents for SM1000

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