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Endura AZ20, AZ25, AZ30

Reference air pump
Pumped reference air unit

Measurement made easy


This publication details the installation, connection 
and maintenance of an ABB Pumped Reference Air
Unit. This pump supplies reference air to any of the
following ABB oxygen probes:

• AZ20, AZ25, AZ20/ZFG2 replacement,

ZFG2 and ZGP2


. The pump cannot be used with multiple

probes simultaneously.

Pumped reference air unit models

4 pump models are available – see Table 1:


Part No.

1/4 BSP (Metric) 230 V AC 50/60 Hz AZ200 770

AZ200 770

1/4 BSP (Metric) 115 V AC 50/60 Hz AZ200 771

AZ200 771

1/4 NPT (Imperial) 230 V AC 50/60 Hz AZ200 772

AZ200 772

1/4 NPT (Imperial) 115 V AC 50/60 Hz

AZ200 773

Table 1  ABB pumped reference air unit part numbers

Spares/replaceable items


Part No.

Air pump – pre-2016: 230 V, 60 Hz

AZ200 768

Air pump – pre-2016: 115 V, 60 Hz

AZ200 769

Air pump – post-2016: 230 V, 60 Hz

AZ200 755

Air pump – post-2016: 115 V, 60 Hz

AZ200 756

Pre-2106 to post-2016 upgrade kit: 230 V, 60 Hz

AZ200 748

Pre-2106 to post-2016 upgrade kit 115 V, 60 Hz

AZ200 749

Internal air filter 


Table 2  Spares/replaceable items

For more information

Further information is available from:

or by scanning these codes:



Pumped reference  
air unit

Summary of Contents for Endura AZ20 series

Page 1: ...AC 50 60 Hz AZ200 770 AZ200 770 1 4 BSP Metric 115 V AC 50 60 Hz AZ200 771 AZ200 771 1 4 NPT Imperial 230 V AC 50 60 Hz AZ200 772 AZ200 772 1 4 NPT Imperial 115 V AC 50 60 Hz AZ200 773 Table 1 ABB pu...

Page 2: ...s useful or important information about the product Product symbols Symbols that may appear on this product are shown below Protective earth ground terminal Functional earth ground terminal This symbo...

Page 3: ...age or pollution caused by any of its products is minimized as far as possible Information on ROHS Directive 2011 65 EU RoHS II ABB Industrial Automation Measurement Analytics UK fully supports the ob...

Page 4: cable rated 5A and 90 C 194 F minimum that conform to either IEC 60227 or IEC 60245 The terminals accept cables from 0 8 to 2 5 mm2 18 to 14 AWG The pump conforms to Installation Category II of IEC...

Page 5: ...4 make mains connections as detailed in steps 1 to 5 The mains power supply must be 115 or 230 V AC 50 60 Hz depending on the pump model refer to Table 1 page 1 1 Prepare the incoming power supply cab...

Page 6: ...ion inlet A and ensure the other end of the pipe is located in a clean dry area 2 Connect the pumped reference air outlet B directly to the reference air inlet on the probe refer to individual probe m...

Page 7: ...eplacing the air filter 1 Remove the pump cover see Accessing the terminal block page 5 Referring to Figure 6 2 Disconnect tube A from air filter B 3 Disconnect tube C from air filter B 4 Release clip...

Page 8: ...ghts in this document and in the subject matter and illustrations contained therein Any reproduction disclosure to third parties or utilization of its contents in whole or in parts is forbidden withou...