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Operating Instructions for

ZETFON - Fonomat 4x70s


1. General

The ZETFON-Fonomat 4x70s works in accordance with the inland navigation rules
(BinSchUO, BinSchStrO and RheinSchPV) in respect of the release of sound
signals in restricted visibility and while navigating under radar. The unit also
corresponds with the Federal Act No. 103 - concerning the introduction of a "keep
clear signal" on the inland waterways of the Federal Republic of Germany.
Moreover, the ZETFON-Fonomat can be used as command system.

The type 4x70s is suitable for vessels of all lengths.

2. Construction

The ZETFON-Fonomat 4x70s is an electronic signal device consisting of:


4 pcs. ZETFON 70s

fundamental frequency: 310 Hz = 5 %
intensity at 1 m distance: 129 - 134 dB(A)

Note: In order not to exceed the required own sound level of 70 dB(A) at the
steering stand in head position of the steerman during normal operation all
signal units must be installed at sufficient height. The sound should spread
freely ahead and as far as possible astern.


Control and Amplifier Unit ZP 9 Mi


2.2.1 1 weather and vibration resistant casing with six cable glands.

2.2.2 1 power supply PC-board with protection against cross-connection of

terminals, amplifier and high-level as well as terminal strip.

2.2.3 1 control PC-board with sound generator, electronic lock and

microphone amplifier.

2.2.4 1 transformer

input: with manoeuvre signal lamp - approx. 190 Watt
current consumption: with manoeuvre signal lamp - approx. 8 Amps
voltage: 24 V DC (-10%/+20%)
closed circuit current: approx. 0.1 Amps

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