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Car Refrigerator

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Summary of Contents for JK-B-50D

Page 1: ...o keep growing Any questions please don t hesitate to contact us we ll resolve all your problem ASAP For more details please contact us via Log in rovsun com contact us Support Center suggested or email to support rovsun com Pls write your Amazon Order ID in the email Phone call at 1 855 882 2333 working day MON FRI 11 00AM 5 00PM ET If phone is not available contact us via or ...

Page 2: the unit yourself please contact our service team Do not pinch or kink the power supply line between the unit and cabinet General Safety To prevent back and other types of injuries use at least two people to move the portable freezer When positioning the portable freezer ensure that there is at least a 2 clearance at sides and a 4 clearance at the rear of the unit allowing proper ventilatio...

Page 3: ...HANDLING AND INSTALLATION 3 OPERATING YOUR PORTABLE CAR REFRIGERATOR 4 TEST RUN 4 UNDERSTANDING THE TEMPERATURE CONTROL SETTING 4 ON OFF button 4 SET button 5 Button 6 Button 6 Power indicator 6 Error indicator 6 LED display 6 TROUBLESHOOTING 7 LIMITED WARRANTY 8 What is covered 8 What is not covered 8 Obtaining warranty service 8 ...

Page 4: ... ratings label on the back of your unit and are needed to obtain warranty service You may also want to staple your receipt to this manual as it is the proof of your purchase and is also needed for service under your warranty Model Number Serial Number Date of Purchase To better serve you please do the following before contacting customer service If you received a damaged product immediately contac...

Page 5: ...arts Identification Open View Accessories 1 DC Power Cord For use when traveling plug directly into car lighter 2 AC Power Cord For use at home plug directly into grounded outlet 3 Interior Wire Baskets ...

Page 6: ...w at least 6 of room around the freezer 2 inches at side 4 at rear of unit _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Handling and Installation 1 Remove all interior and exterior packaging 2 Position the freezer in a dry and well ventilated place Keep the freezer away from direct sunlight heaters and corrosive gas 3 Clean the interior surface with...

Page 7: ...rigerator and protect the battery of the vehicle The three functions are H3 high H2 medium and H1 low Short press or button to choose the function The function is set at H2 medium protection when the refrigerator is finished at the factory NOTE It is recommended to set the battery protection at H2 medium when it is used in the car It is recommended to set the battery protection atH2 medium or H1 l...

Page 8: ... and the temperature can be adjusted at range of 5 to 5 5 Power indicator When the refrigerator works the light is red The refrigerator stops working and the light goes out When the refrigerator works in the ECO mode the light is green 6 Error indicator Fault alarm If there is a failure the buzzer will ring continuously the screen will show the fault codes the failure indicator will be on in blue ...

Page 9: ...may be plugged into an outlet that cannot supply the correct amount of current Contact an electrician if the unit works in a different room or circuit The control panel lights blink randomly Unit may have a faulty control panel Restart the unit and if issue persists contact customer service Unit has an HH error Ambient temperature has exceeded 40 Restart the unit and if issue persists contact cust...