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Do not immerse the motor base, cord or mains plug in water or any other liquid.
The stainless steel sieve and feed chute contain sharp parts. Do not touch these
parts when handling or cleaning.




For easy cleaning - immediately after each use rinse removable 

parts under running water (to remove wet pulp). Allow parts to air dry.


After disassembling the unit all removable parts may be washed in 

    hot soapy water.


The juicer cover, bowl, large pulp container, stainless steel sieve and 

     juice jug are  dishwasher safe. Only use the top shelf of your dishwasher


Wipe the motor base with a damp cloth. Do not immerse the motor base 

    in any liquid.


Before washing the juice jug, remove the froth separator by lifting it up 

     and out of the jug. Rinse the jug and separator under running water


Discolouration of the plastic may occur with strongly coloured fruit and 

     vegetables. To help prevent this, wash parts immediately after use             


If discolouration does occur, the plastic parts can be soaked in 10% lemon

     juice and water or they can be cleaned with a non abrasive cleaner.

To fully benefit from the item we offer, please read this manual  

carefully before using and keep for future reference.

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