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BBCC – S15 


Important Safeguards 

Welcome to the Zojirushi Home Bakery

Special Features of the Home Bakery

Front Panel Settings 

Setting the Clock

How the Home Bakery Works

Settings for Yeast Breads

Settings for Quick Breads, Cakes & Jams

Settings for Creating Your Own Recipes

Start Baking!

Quick Start White Bread

Basic Steps for Yeast Bread Settings

For Cake Setting

For Jam Setting

Resetting the Machine

The Home Made Menu Setting

Resetting the Home Made Menu

To Use a Home Made Menu in Memory

How to Set the Memory Timer

Baking Bread Using the Memory Timer

Baking Bread Using the Timer

Cleaning the Machine & Baking Pan

Storing the Home Bakery

When the Power Goes Off

About the Lithium Battery

Questions & Answers

Troubleshooting Guide




























Summary of Contents for BBCC - S15

Page 1: ...ecipes Start Baking Quick Start White Bread Basic Steps for Yeast Bread Settings For Cake Setting For Jam Setting Resetting the Machine The Home Made Menu Setting Resetting the Home Made Menu To Use a...

Page 2: ...r electric stoves ovens or burners 11 Extreme caution must be given when moving the appliance containing hot contents or liquids 12 To disconnect press RESET and turn all controls to off then remove p...

Page 3: ...fore using you Home Bakery Other Safety Tips from Zojirushi 1 The Home Bakery its cord and plug are NOT AMERCEABLE do not place in water or other liquid You can safely immerse the kneading blade knead...

Page 4: ...Kneading blade Detachable also kneads and mixes ingredients Use at all times Rotating shaft Turns kneading blade when bread pan is inserted KNEADING BLADE Attache to rotating shaft KNEADING ROD Insert...

Page 5: ...n the 24 hour clock Numbers from 1 through 12 indicate a m numbers from 13 through 24 indicate p m To read the time after 12 noon just subtract 12 from the time for example 17 30 is 5 30 p m 17 minus...

Page 6: ...e Time setting bar three times Step 2 Press the Hours bar and the hour indication will advance by hours until it reaches 9 then release the bar Step 3 Press the Minutes key and the minute indication w...

Page 7: ...d add additional ingredients Be sure to close the lid again until the baking is complete Cycle takes 3 hours and 50 minutes see page 10 for step by step instructions Extra ingredients may be added bef...

Page 8: ...hour and 20 minutes to complete See step by step instructions on page 12 Setting for Yeast Breads Settings for Creating Your Own Recipes Settings for Quick Beads Cakes Jams Included Cake Jam Process...

Page 9: ...handle folded down toward front Press down on pan until you hear a click sound as it snaps into place Close lid Step 3 Plug in unit The display panel will show the present time with a Medium Baking de...

Page 10: ...ating Operation light will go on until liquids reach the proper temperature The panel will also display the completion time Step 7 Do not lift the lid during the cycle You can check progress by lookin...

Page 11: ...the Basic White Bread setting Step 2 Press Select Course setting until arrow points to French Bread setting Step 3 Continue with steps 6 through 9 for Basic White Bread setting Note When using the Fre...

Page 12: ...Step 5 Follow steps 7 through 9 for Basic White Bread setting Note When using the Cake setting the Baking Degree time and memory keys cannot be used For Jam Setting Step 1 Follow steps 1 through 5 ign...

Page 13: Menu bar again to go to the next stage Rise 1 Step 6 When the Rise 1 stage is complete to your satisfaction press the Home Made menu bar again to go to Rise 2 At this stage the kneading blade will...

Page 14: ...ase the Time Setting bar twice One the display panel will be shown and the Completion Time will blink Press the Hours bar until the hour reads 7 Step 2 Press the Minutes bar until it reads 30 The minu...

Page 15: ...t thoroughly each time you use the Home Bakery Both the Home Bakery and the base of the baking pan are not immersible in water or other liquids but are easy to clean You can wipe off the outside of th...

Page 16: ...e onto the sides of the load When this happens simply trim off that portion of the outer curst with a sharp knife Q4 What should I do if I made a mistake in setting the course for baking A Simply pres...

Page 17: crust Uncooked Over cooked Not mixed Smoke appears from vent High altitude adjustment RESULTS CORRECTIONS Water or Milk Salt Sugar or Honey Flour Yeast Liquid Flour Yeast Increase Decrease Increase...

Page 18: ...h Bread Rye Bread Pumpernickel Bread Potato Bread Cheese N Onion Bread Pizza Dough with Beer Shaping Variations Butter Rich Roll Dough Shaping Variations Hearty Oatmeal Loaf Granary Loaf Rita s Russia...

Page 19: ...u may encounter are as follows and below are some solutions which should overcome these problems Dough rises too high then collapses Dough rose too long Not enough salt Too much sugar and or yeast Loa...

Page 20: ...use strong bread flour as this will provide the best quality bread In general most bread recipes found in cookbooks are based on 6 7 cups of flour and gives two loaves of bread These recipes can be su...

Page 21: ...HITE BREAD setting Press MEDIUM for baking degree setting Then press START The COMPLETE light will flash when bread is done Using oven gloves remove pan from unit pull out kneading rod and turn bread...

Page 22: ...ur 2 3 cup rye flour Nature s Harvest Holland Barrett 1 teaspoon active dried yeast Method Into baking pan measure water butter or margarine brown sugar salt and flours Sprinkle yeast over flour Inser...

Page 23: ...ilk 2 tablespoons butter or margarine 1 tablespoon sugar 1 teaspoon salt 1 4 teaspoon garlic powder 3 1 2 cups 14 ounces strong white bread flour 1 teaspoon active dried yeast When beep sounds add 1 2...

Page 24: ...nd Bread Dough breadsticks variation Soft Pretzels Follow shaping and baking directions given for Butter Rich Roll and Bread Dough soft pretzels variation BUTTER RICH ROLL BREAD DOUGH Designed for the...

Page 25: ...ontinue as method directs Sprinkle glazed ropes with sesame seeds if desired Bake for 12 to 15 minutes Makes 24 Cinnamon Raisin Swirl Loaf On a lightly floured surface roll half of the sweet dough to...

Page 26: ...or margarine About 3 tablespoons orange liqueur or milk Method Into baking pan measure milk eggs butter vanilla essence sugar salt and flour Sprinkle yeast over flour Insert pan securely into unit and...

Page 27: ...about 3 to 4 inches in height a typical volume for conventionally baked quick breads Creating Your Own Quick Bread Recipes Follow these guidelines for creating your own recipes for flavourful quick br...

Page 28: ...T The COMPLETE light will flash when bread is finished Using oven gloves immediately remove bread from pan and cool on wire rack Wrap tightly when cool and slice thinly to serve CITRUS FRUIT BREAD 1 3...

Page 29: cake recipes CHOCOLATE FUDGE CAKE This rich tasting chocolate cake could not be simpler Frost cake or slice it plain to serve topped with whipped cream or fresh fruit Or try our Black Forest variat...

Page 30: ...CAKE setting Press START When beep sounds after about 5 minutes press START again The COMPLETE light will flash when cake is done Using oven gloves remove pan from unit and pull out kneading rod Turn...

Page 31: ...nces powdered fruit pectin Method Place apples and water in a saucepan and bring to the boil Reduce heat and simmer for 15 to 20 minutes or until the apples are soft Place in a food processor or blend...

Page 32: ...CITRUS MARMALADE 3 oranges 1 lemon or 1 2 small grapefruit 2 1 2 cups sugar 1 1 4 ounces powdered fruit pectin Method Quarter oranges remove pulp and set aside Cut away white pith from 2 oranges remo...