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Step 3: Insert test strip into meter

Turn the meter on by inserting a test strip with the 

arrow on the test strip facing up and pointing to the 

meter. Confirm that the code on the meter matches 

the species code on the test strip vial. To change the 

species, press and hold “c” and at the same time 

press “m”.

How to perform a blood glucose test

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• Requires a very small blood sample size (0.3 ul)
• Test strip turns meter on automatically
• Test strips are designed for fast wicking
• Results are ready in seconds

Step 5: Obtain sample


Using the lancing device, extract a small amount 

of blood from the selected testing site.

Step 6: Add blood sample to test strip

With the meter, touch front edge of the test strip to the 

blood drop 

until you hear a beep

. Moving lines on the

meter display to indicate it is working.

Step 7: Read results

Results appear within 5 seconds. Discard used test 

strip and lancet.

Please take care to discard used test strip and lancet in sharps container or biohazard.


Elbow callus
Marginal ear vein
Side of the paw pad
Inside of upper lip 


Marginal ear vein
Side of the paw pad

Step 4: Select a testing site 

Step 2: Prepare lancet

Insert a new lancet into a lancing device, push until it 

comes to a complete stop, and replace the white cap.
For more information, please read the AlphaTrak3 Quick 

User’s Guide or watch our instructional videos on and YouTube.

Adjust lancing device depth by rotating the wheel: 1 is the shallowest, 6 is the deepest.

Step 1: Gather all supplies to perform a test


AlphaTrak 3 Meter


Lancing device and lancets


AlphaTrak 3 Test Strips


Optional: Vaseline (to help blood

     form droplets)


Gauze or tissue

Elbow callus

Side of the paw pad

Marginal ear vein

Inside of upper lip

Before you get started, please follow the AlphaTrak 3 meter setup instructions provided in the Quick User’s Guide.