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consequences from printing error or inaccuracies.  Specifications are subject to change without notice. 

zoet dS Series Setup Guide 

The zoet dS AMP Series consists of both IP based amplifiers and IP based digital to analog converters 
(DACs).  This Quick Setup Guide is intended to help facilitate a quick and easy way to setup your dS AMP 
Series product for zöet with Ethernet connectivity, or playGo with Wireless connectivity.  For the 
purpose of this Guide, instructions are provided for the dS2 AMP versions.  However as long as the dS2 
DAC is connected to a powered amplifier or powered speakers the same instructions can be followed. 

What’s in the box: 


dS1 AMP or dS2 AMP IP based amplifier 


IEC power cord 


Ethernet Cable 


This document 



dS1 AMP1-250 

dS2 AMP1-90 

dS2 AMP1-125 

Mono or Stereo 




Output power into 4Ω 




Output power into 8Ω 




Frequency response 

20Hz – 20kHz +0.3/-0.5dB  20Hz – 25kHz +/- 0.5dB 

20Hz – 20kHz +/-0.15dB 



<0.05% up to 75Wrms 


Power requirements 

120 VAC 3.15A 60Hz/ 250 
VAC 2.5A 50Hz 

120 VAC 5.15A 60Hz/ 
250 VAC 4.15A 50Hz 

120 VAC 5.15A 60Hz/ 
250 VAC 4.15A 50Hz 

Typical power usage 




Rack mountable 





3” X 8” X 8.5” 

3” X 8” X 8.5” 

3” X 8” X 8.5” 

Shipping weight 

Approximately 7 lbs 

Approximately 5 lbs 

Approximately 5 lbs 


What you need before you get started: 


To use the dS AMP with zoet you will need a zoet dB1 with an Ethernet-based network. 


To use the dS AMP Series products wirelessly with playGo you will need a playGo USB tx 


Passive speakers (Powered Speakers or Power Amplifier for dS2 DAC) 


Speaker cables (RCA Cables for dS2 DAC) 


AC inlet for power 

About the dS AMP Series 

Summary of Contents for dS1 AMP1-250

Page 1: ... cord Ethernet Cable This document Specifications dS1 AMP1 250 dS2 AMP1 90 dS2 AMP1 125 Mono or Stereo Mono Stereo Stereo Output power into 4Ω 1x210W 2x90W 2x125W Output power into 8Ω 1x120W 2x50W 2x65W Frequency response 20Hz 20kHz 0 3 0 5dB 20Hz 25kHz 0 5dB 20Hz 20kHz 0 15dB THD 0 0055 0 05 up to 75Wrms 0 003 Power requirements 120 VAC 3 15A 60Hz 250 VAC 2 5A 50Hz 120 VAC 5 15A 60Hz 250 VAC 4 15...

Page 2: ...eT Ethernet Port IR Input Speaker binding posts Power switch See the Detailed Overview section for more information about these features Step 1 Connect In this section we will walk through the steps to configure a zoet dS2 AMP1 into the Main Room in the left position 1 In the box you should find the dS2 AMP1 along with an AC cable plug in one end of the cable into the dS2 AMP1 and the other into y...

Page 3: ...more information For the purpose of this Guide we will configure the channels as Front Left Front Right which is position A Proceed to Step 3A for connecting to the zöet dB1 Proceed to Step 3B for connecting to the playGo USB tx Step 3A Power On with zoet 1 Flip the dB1 back panel on off switch to the on position it will then light up and power on 2 Now flip the dS2 AMP1 power switches to the on p...

Page 4: ...hat audio is being output Front Panel IR Receiver There is another small opening on the front of all dS AMP Series amplifiers this opening on the right is the IR receiver to be used with zoet remote controls For the IR receiver to be active the dS AMP Series must be in use within a zoet network and must be set to a zone other than the Main Room The IR Receiver is disabled in the Main Room because ...

Page 5: ...position rotary to B for Rs Rb or H for Ls Lb position The Sys LED will rapidly blink green and a bell sound will be heard from the speakers connected to the dS2 confirming the setup The dS2 will then reboot to activate the new position During boot the Sys LED will blink alternating RED GREEN a few times to let the user know alternate positions are being used Position Definition A Center B Right C...