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Notice to installing contractor:  Instructions must remain with installation.







Inspect all materials.


Occasionally, products are damaged during shipment.  If the unit is damaged, contact your dealer before using. DO NOT remove the test plugs 

from the pump.


Carefully read the literature 

provided to familiarize yourself with specific details regarding installation and use. These materials should be retained for future reference.

3.   Zoeller does not recommend using grinder pumps in any part of a septic system.






 1.  To reduce the risk of electrical shock, a properly grounded receptacle or 

control box must be installed in accordance with the governing codes.  Never 

remove ground pin from plug. 


  2.  Make certain that the ground fault interrupter protected receptacle or control 

box is within the reach  of the pump’s power supply cord.  DO NOT USE AN 

EXTENSION CORD. Extension cords that are too long or too light do not deliver 

sufficient voltage to the pump motor, and they could present a safety hazard if 

the insulation were to become damaged or the connection end were to fall into 

a damp or wet area.

  3.   Make sure the pump's electrical supply circuit is equipped with fuses or circuit 

breakers of proper capacity.  A separate branch circuit is recommended, sized 

according to the governing electrical codes for the current shown on the pump 

name plate.


Testing for ground.


As a safety measure, each electrical outlet should be checked 

for ground using an Underwriters Laboratory Listed circuit analyzer which will 

indicate if the power, neutral and ground wires are correctly connected to your 

outlet.  If they are not, call a qualified licensed electrician.


SOURCE BEFORE HANDLING.  If pump is wired direct, de-energize the circuit 

at the control box.  Wear insulated protective shoes and do not stand in water.  

  6.  Installation and servicing of the pump's electrical circuits and hardware should 

only be performed by a qualified, licensed electrician.

 7.  Installation and maintenance of this appliance is not intended for persons 

(including children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or 

lack of experience or knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or 

instruction concerning use of the appliance by a person responsible for their 



Risk of electrical shock. 

 Do not remove power supply cord and strain relief or 

connect conduit directly to the pump.  If the supply cable is damaged, it must 

be replaced by an authorized Zoeller Representative.

  9.  Pump contains oil which becomes pressurized and hot when operating.  Allow 

2-1/2 hours after disconnecting before attempting service.

 10.  Pump is not intended for potable water due to possible contamination by oil 

contained in the pump.


Risk of electric shock.


These pumps have not been investigated for use in marine 



Do not attempt to turn cutter located on bottom of the unit with fingers



Use allen wrench when checking or removing cutter.

  1.  Zoeller Grinder Pumps are designed for grinding and pumping sewage from 

homes. The pump is intended to grind and pump all normal sewage including 

reasonable quantities of disposable diapers, sanitary napkins, paper towels, 

rubber materials, cleaning wipes, plastics, cigarette butts and other items 

normally found in sewage. 

 2.  Check to be sure your power source is capable of handling the voltage 

requirements of the motor, as indicated on the pump name plate.

  3.  The installation of variable level float switches is the responsibility of the 

installing party, and care should be taken that the tethered float  switch will 

not hang up on the pump apparatus or pit peculiarities and is secured so that 

the pump will shut off.  It is recommended to use rigid pipe and fittings and the 

pit be 18” (45 cm) or larger in diameter.


Vent hole.


 It is necessary that all submersible sump, effluent, and sewage pumps 

capable of handling various sizes of solid waste be of the bottom intake design 

to reduce clogging and seal failures.  If a check valve is incorporated in the 

installation, a 3/16” (5 mm) vent hole must be drilled in the discharge pipe below 

the check valve and pit cover to purge the unit of trapped air.   Vent hole should 

be checked periodically for clogging.    The vent hole on a High Head application 

may cause too much turbulence. If you choose not to drill a vent hole, be sure 

the pump case and impeller is covered with liquid before connecting the pipe 


CLEANED PERIODICALLY. Water stream will be visible when pump is operating.

  5.  Pump should be checked frequently for debris and/or build up which may 

interfere with the float “on” or “off” position. Repair and service should be 

performed by an Authorized Zoeller Service Station only.

  6.  Maximum operating temperature for standard model pumps must not exceed 

130 °F (54 °C). 

  7.  Do not operate a pump in an application where the Total Dynamic Head is less 

than the minimum Total Dynamic Head listed on the Pump Performance Curves.

   8.   For health reasons, do not unplug, turn off, or disable pump and use 

         pump tank system as a way to fill up a sink or laundry tray, etc. 

9.    Pumps must be installed in accordance with the National Electrical Code and all  

applicable local codes and ordinances.  Pumps are not to be installed in locations 

classified as hazardous in accordance with National Electric Code, ANSI, NFPA 




Pumps with the “UL” mark and pumps with the “US” mark are tested to UL 

standard UL778.  CSA certified pumps are certified to CSA standard C22.2 No. 108.


Product information presented 

here reflects conditions at time 

of  publication. Consult factory 

regarding discrepancies or 



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i.e. M803 = 1/2 HP, 115 V, Auto, 60 Hz












115 V, PB, Auto

230 V, Auto

230 V, Nonauto 115 V, Auto

115 V, PB, Nonauto

230 V, PB, Auto



115 V, PB, Auto

230 V, Auto

230 V, Nonauto 115 V, Auto

115 V, PB, Nonauto

230 V, PB, Auto



115 V, PB, Auto

230 V, Auto

230 V, Nonauto 115 V, Auto

115 V, PB, Nonauto

230 V, PB, Auto


803/805/807 GRINDER PUMPS

P/N 153642

Tested to UL778 and

CSA22.2 108 Standard

Summary of Contents for 803

Page 1: ...cking or removing cutter 1 Zoeller Grinder Pumps are designed for grinding and pumping sewage from homes The pump is intended to grind and pump all normal sewage including reasonable quantities of disposable diapers sanitary napkins paper towels rubber materials cleaning wipes plastics cigarette butts and other items normally found in sewage 2 Check to be sure your power source is capable of handl...

Page 2: ...and gravel or dirt 4 DO be sure that the area is large enough to allow proper clearance for the level control switch es to operate properly 5 DO Always Disconnect Pump From Power Source Before Handling DO always connect to a separately protected and properly grounded circuit DO NOT ever cut splice or damage power cord Only splice in a watertight junction box DO NOT carry or lift pump by its power ...

Page 3: ...ny and all codes 11 For nonautomatic pumps locate float switches as shown in sketches The best place for the off point is above the motor housing and positioned 180 from the inlet Never put off point below discharge on pump 12 Gas tight seals required to contain gases and odors 13 Vent gases and odors to the atmosphere through vent pipe All installations must comply with all applicable electrical ...

Page 4: ...ted to 350 F 177 C to soften the thread lock sealer on the bolt for ease of removal Remove the bolt by turning in a counterclockwise rotation It will be necessary to use a wood block to prevent the rotor from turning while removing the bolt Pull rotor from the shaft and remove the spacer shims located behind the rotor 4 Remove the screws holding the disc and remove disc from the pump 5 The disc an...

Page 5: ...te un conductor directamente a la bomba Siestádañadoelcableeléctricosedebereemplazarlounrepresentante authorizado por Zoeller 9 La bomba contiene aceite lo que se pone presurizado y caliente cuando funcione Permita 2 1 2 horas después de desconectar la bomba antes de manipularla 10 No use la bomba para agua potable porque el aceite en la bomba lo puede contaminar 11 Riesgo de descarga eléctrica No...

Page 6: ...aja de conexión hermética NO transporte o levante la bomba por su cable de alimentación eléctrica NO use un cable de extensión 6 INSTALE una válvula de retención y una unión en la tubería de descarga NO use una tubería de descarga de menor tamaño que la descarga de la bomba 7 NO esta unidad para bombear gasolina u otros líquidos peligrosos 8 PRUEBElabombainmediatamentedespuésdesuinstalaciónparaase...

Page 7: la ubicación de los interruptores de flotador es como se muestra en los esquemas El punto off apagado debe estar por encima de la carcasa del motor y a 180 de la entrada Nunca ubicar el punto off débajo de la entrada de la bomba 12 Los sellos herméticos contra gases son necesarios a fin de contener los gases y olores 13 Ventile los gases y olores a la atmósfera a través del tubo de ventilación ...

Page 8: ... bombas o en un centro de servicio autorizado 2 Limpie a fondo el cortador en forma de estrella y el conjunto de disco de acero inoxidable Incline la bomba hacia atrás hacia la posición vertical para asegurarse de que juego axial haya sido retirado Compruebe y registre la separación entre el rotor y el disco con una lámina calibradora La separación de funcionamiento correcta es entre 0 076 mm 0 00...

Page 9: ...e de pompe dans une piscine de nata tion et des zones marines n a pas été étudié 12 Il ne faut pas essayer de tourner avec les doigts le couteau qui se trouve au fond de l appareil Utiliser une clé mâle pour vérification et la dépose du couteau SE RÉFÉRER À LA GARANTIE EN PAGE 10 AVERTISSEMENT VOIR PLUS BAS POUR LA LISTE DES AVERTISSEMENTS VOIR PLUS BAS POUR LA LISTE DES MISES EN GARDE MISE EN GAR...

Page 10: ...ujours brancher la pompe sur un circuit séparé mis à la terre IL NE FAUT JAMAIS couper faire une épissure ou endommager un cordon d alimentation Pour faire une raccordement il faut utiliser un boîtier de raccordement étanche IL NE FAUT PAS utiliser le cordon d alimentation pour transporter ou soulever la pompe IL NE FAUT PAS utiliser de rallonge 6 IL FAUT installer un clapet de sécurité et un racc...

Page 11: ...e au dessus du carter du moteur et à 180 de l admission Le point d arrêt ne se doit trouver jamais au dessous du refoulement de la pompe 12 Pouréviterlapropagationdesgazetdesodeurs touteslesinstallationsdoivent avoir des joints étanches 13 Les gaz et les odeurs sont évacués à l atmosphère au moyen d un tuyau d évent Toutes les installations doivent être conformes aux codes électriques et de plombe...

Page 12: ...é 2 Nettoyer soigneusement le rotor et le disque Incliner la pompe à la verticale pour s assurer que le jeu axial a été retiré Vérifier et noter le dégagement entre le rotor et le disque à l aide d une jauge d épaisseur Le jeu de fonctionnement approprié est entre 0 076 mm 0 003 po et 0 203 mm 0 008 po 3 Une fois la pompe dans la position horizontale chauffer le boulon à tête hexagonale au centre ...