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esigned for bassists who want
the classic Jazz sound

with a

bit more “attitude," the Sonus
5/19 offers a solid, well defined
bottom with airy highs and articu-
late midrange punch. With two sin-
gle-coil pickups and a three-band
circuit featuring a selectable
midrange, a wide range of voicings
are possible. The wider 19mm
string spacing allows for advanced
right-hand technique, and the 35”
scale provides a more “piano-like”
tone quality for enhanced clarity.


he Studio bass, deemed the
“tone monster,”

embodies a

multitude of voicings. At the heart
of the Studio’s dynamic versatility is
a unique dual EQ system, designed
to allow each pickup independent
voicing. Matched to the traditional
combination of a mahogany body
core and maple top, this bass pos-
sesses the perfect blend of warmth
and detail, with an amazing pallette
of tonal colors. 

(upper) 5/19-string with Goncalo Alves top top. 
(lower) Studio 5 with Quilt maple top.

over for specifications

5/19 & Studio

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