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he Custom 

is a hybrid of the

Sonus and Legacy models.

Voiced with a rich bottom, growly
mids, and a sweet, bright treble
response, the versatility of this
instrument makes it a perfect choice
for bassists who play a variety of
musical styles. 

The Special

is designed with

maximum cut for bassists who need
an articulate voice that won’t get
lost in a wall of sound. The natural
compression from the Bubinga top
and the low mid enhancement of
the pickup configuration make this
bass speak with clarity and focus.

(L to R) Custom 5-string with optional Myrtlewood
top and piezo bridge; Special 6-string fretless with
lines; Custom 4-string with curly Maple top/transpar-
ent red; Special 5-string

over for specifications

Custom & Special

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