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he Mosaic BB5 is the result of
Zon Guitar's creative partner-


with Vital information bassist

Baron Browne. The BB5 is Baron's
signature instrument and features a
medium weight ash body with a
maple neck and fingerboard.
The bass is powered by two single-
coil Duncan pickups and passive
"With both volume controls up to
full the bass is very punchy, allowing
me to get a Motown-y tone near
the neck or a Tower of Power 
bottom, yet percussive sound, closer
to the bridge." Browne said.
"Those who are fond of a more
Pastorious bridge pickup tone, while
turning back the front pickup, will
be pleased to find a nice low-mid
slicing warmth without it sounding
too nasal. It's the closest to my
beloved Fender Jazz that I've
played. It's my Fender and more!"
Browne added.    

over for specifications

Mosaic BB5 in natural finish.


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