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he Legacy Elite

is the premier

instrument in the Zon line. It is

often cited for its well-conceived,
innovative design and versatility. 
The neck is attached using a set-in,
dove-tail method that gives the bass
an “open” voice. The broad fidelity
of this voicing results in a deep, clear
bottom, growly mids, and crisp
highs. The Elite, considered a
“chameleon” because of its excep-
tional versatility, lends itself to multi-
ple applications–from Metal to
Fusion. In the Special version, the
Elite projects dynamic punch, cut,
and clarity. The enhanced low mid
characteristic of the Special makes for
a spectacular fretless that won’t
sound “soupy” or get lost in the mix.

(L to R) Goncalo 6-string; Special 5-string
fretless with lines; and Koa 4-string

over for specifications

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