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General Features

Signal Automaton 6+S






Characteristics of auto-
matic signals

COLREG 1972 - Rule 35 Sound Signals in
Restricted Visibility

In or near an area of restricted visibility,
whether by day or night, whistle signals shall
be used.

(a)             = vessel making way through water
(b)             = vessel making no way through water
(c)             = vessel not under command, 
                    vessel retricted in her ability to
                    maneuver, vessel engaged in fishing, 
                    or towing or pushing another vessel
(e)             = vessel towed
(g)             = vessel at anchor

                              = SOS distress signal

- latest technical standard
- best material and workmanship - made in Germany
- functional membrane keyboard
- self-explanatory symbols
- pluggable, therefore easy installation or repair
- maintenance-free

- in the center of the bridge console
- system voltage AC 1phase or 24 V DC
- no special tools required


The ZÖLLNER Signal Automaton 6+S 
is an automatic signal control for all 
ZÖLLNER whistles with electric signal release. 
It is programmed to release automatically 
the maneuvring and warning signals according 
to Rule 35 (a, b, c, e, g) of the Colregs 1972
and additionally the SOS distress signal.

- type approved by the BSH
- automatic and manual signal release
- sound and light signals
- ready for connection of one or two whistles,
  one maneuver signal lamp and separate 
  push-button keys
- signal intervals adjustable
- dimmer for key illumination

Summary of Contents for Signal Automaton 6+S

Page 1: ...anship made in Germany functional membrane keyboard self explanatory symbols pluggable therefore easy installation or repair maintenance free in the center of the bridge console system voltage AC 1pha...

Page 2: ...tion Zeiteinstellung time set 96 144 Pfeifenvorwahl whistle preselection I 0 I 0 BSH 4615 6021289 09 I 0 I 0 BSH 4615 6021289 09 Typ Type C Schiff mit 2 Pfeifen Abstand 100m Ship with 2 whistles dista...

Page 3: ...nal Automaton 6 S 1 5 Klemmleiste R ckseite terminal strip reverse side Klemmleiste kann zum Anschluss abgezogen werden For connection terminal strip can be pulled off 11 09 MH Z LLNER KIEL 01808749 0...

Page 4: ...ree blasts in succession namely one prolonged blast followed by two short blasts a vessel not under command vessel restricted in her ability to maneuver vessel constrained by draught sailing vessel ve...

Page 5: ...ey all manual sound signals 2nd key maneuver signal lamp on off so that all sound signals can be accompanied by light signals if active a red LED will be on 3rd key all manual light signals 4th key sw...

Page 6: ...One main switch preferably with indicating lamp should be shipyard provided for the entire electric system on the bridge including the automaton 3 5 The maneuver signal lamp must be installed in acco...

Page 7: ...ol pc board as well as the power supply pc board can be taken out easily For this purpose first take off the front frame and then the terminal strip After loosening the 4 screws in the front plate thi...

Page 8: ...ect to alteration nderung vorbehalten MH 12 09 01808749 07 4d e Ersatzteilliste spare parts list Signal Automaton 6 S Z LLNER KIEL 1 2 I 0 BSH 4615 6021289 09 40 90 60 50 40 30 20 10 11 12 70 80 81 82...

Page 9: ...oard 30 1 01616886 Tasterplatine illuminated key beleuchtet PC board 40 1 nn 144x96 Einschubgeh use flush type casing 50 2 605072146 95 mm B Befestigungsspange threaded bolt 60 1 nn 144x96 R ckwand re...

Page 10: ...KIEL Anschlu plan connecting diagram Signal Automaton 6 S 1 1 2 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 2 1 Muting SRD Muting SRD Werftseitig Werftseitig einstellbar einstellbar Adjustable by yard Adjustable by yard r r or F1...

Page 11: ...V 17100075 4d e 08 09 MH...

Page 12: ...17100076 4d e 08 09 MH 115V...

Page 13: ...17100077 4d e 08 09 MH 24V...