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1. Power up AutoPulse 

2. Close chest bands

3. Press CONTINUE (green button)
4. Press START (green button) to 

begin compressions      

To pause or stop operation 

press STOP (orange button)

 •  Remove ALL clothing from torso 

(both front and back) to ensure 

skin-to-platform contact

 •  Align armpits onto yellow line 

on Platform

Do not twist the 

chest bands

Maintain chest bands at 

90 degrees to Platform 

and free of obstructions


Fault/User Advisory

•   Lift up and fully extend both chest bands.

•   Check both lateral and vertical patient alignment.
•   Verify that chest bands are not twisted, 

are 90 degrees to the Platform and are 

free of obstructions.



 (green button) and follow 

on-screen instructions to begin compressions.

If you cannot rectify problem immediately open chest 

bands and revert to manual 




Follow all local protocols 
and procedures.
Review User Guides and 
complete in-service training.



 instructions on other side

P/N 10596-001  Rev. 10



 Quick Reference Guide

For Adult

 (>–18 years) 

Non-Traumatic Cardiac Arrest

Maximum Patient Weight 300 lbs.