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AlterEgo I & II 


Safety First! 




The AlterEgo I/II containes:   
• 1 – AEI/AEII inflatable Kayak  • 1 or 2 – Chairs  • 1 – Repair Kit 

Kayak Inflation 

Inflate the kayak using a hand pump or an electric pump designed for inflatable boats. If using an 
electric pump first, a hand pump must be used to top off the kayak. Pumps sold separately. 

To inflate: 



Unroll the boat on a smooth surface. 



Attach the skeg(if desired) to the bottom of the boat by folding the hull.  The skeg cannot 
be installed once the kayak in fully inflated.   



Remove the cap from the valve on a chamber of the boat. 



Push and turn the valve stem 1/4 turn to the left. This positions the valve stem in the up or 
closed position. Having the valve stem in the closed position allows air to be pumped into 
the chamber and will prevent the air from escaping. 



Insert the pump hose/adapter into the valve on the boat.  



Inflate the boat chamber to a very soft pressure. 



Repeat procedure for the other chamber. 



Place the boat’s floor inside the boat with the foot braces in front and position so the floor 
lines-up with the bailing holes.  When correctly aligned, completely inflate the floor 
making sure it fits snuggly at the base of the side tubes.  Tighten straps to secure the floor 
to the boat. 



Once all chambers are softly inflated, top off all chambers to 2.5 psi with a hand pump.  
The floor can be inflated to 7 psi.   


If you do not have a pump gauge to check boat pressure, push down with your finger at the center 
of the tube, if you can deflect approximately half an inch from the top plane of the chamber it will 
be close to 2.5 psi. 



Do not over inflate your kayak.  Also, increases in temperature and elevation will cause the 

air inside the boat to expand, which could cause the kayak to burst. Always monitor and 

release some pressure when these conditions occur. 


Summary of Contents for AlterEgo I

Page 1: ... chamber and will prevent the air from escaping 5 Insert the pump hose adapter into the valve on the boat 6 Inflate the boat chamber to a very soft pressure 7 Repeat procedure for the other chamber 8 Place the boat s floor inside the boat with the foot braces in front and position so the floor lines up with the bailing holes When correctly aligned completely inflate the floor making sure it fits s...

Page 2: ... to help protect and increase the life of your boat Do not set push pull or drag your boat across sharp objects Do not over inflate your boat Clean your boat with soap and water Completely drain and dry the boat prior to storage Storage Short Term Storage Quickly clean dry deflate and roll loosely Long Term Storage Rinse off all debris Thoroughly clean boat with light soap and water and allow the ...

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Page 4: The 2 3 and 5 year warranties cover all retail purchases on all Zoik products against manufacturing defects in materials and craftsmanship This warranty covers the fabric seams handles and D ring patches What your Warranty DOES NOT Cover Your warranty does not cover cosmetic aging UV damage abrasion abnormal abuse inappropriate storage general wear and tear or damage to your inflatable This war...