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Nano Talon Quick Start Manual

Diagram for ZOHD Stabilizer



:                                    Configuration:


Wingspan: 860mm(33.85in)               Motor: 2204-1870KV

   Length: 570mm(22.44in)                     ESC: 30A w/BEC 1A
   Flying Weight: 410~450g                     Battery: 3S 1300~1800mAh
   Flying Time: 30 Minutes                      Servo: 8g*3pcs Digital
   Material: Lightweight EPP                   Propeller: 6x3


   Shutdown all the mix control of your radio before using this Stabilizer.
   Do not trim any channel while flying.
   Red Indicator means 3-axis stabling mode for 

advanced user

   Blue Indicator means 6-axis autostability/take-off mode for 


   They can be changed by the 

Mode Switch

 channel during flying.

   When calibrating the stabilizer, both red and blue indicator will quick flashing, 
   do not move the stabilizer while calibrating,the calibrating will be finished after
   blue and red indicator quick flashing for about 5 seconds. Slow flashing means error.

Safety Attentions

1. Do not fly in raining, snowing, or windy weather.
2. Do not fly near HV power cable, signal station, signal tower 
     or Wi-Fi hot spot, to avoid signal interference.
3. Do not fly around no-fly zone according to local law. 

Throttle Calibration

You have to calibrate the throttle of this Nano Talon when you fly it for the first time 
or change a radio, or there will be unusual beeps. 
Calibration Step: 
   1. Turn on the radio and keep the throttle on the top position. 
   2. Power on the ESC. 
   3. Pull the throttle sticker to the lowest position after the motor with two short beeps.
   4. Calibration finished after motor with two long beeps.