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ClearVu/Encore Dispenser (9330/9331)

Assembly & Operation Instructions

ClearVu (46oz tank)

To open the dispenser lid, insert key into slot at back, right side of lid 

and push in on key (Figure 1). Back of lid will pop off.

ClearVu Encore (30oz tank)

Hold dispenser with thumbs near front of lid and pop lid up using tabs 

near the back of the dispenser (Figure 2). No key is necessary.

NOTE: For dispenser to work properly, use foam soap only for foaming 

dispenser models. Handles most foam soaps from 0–14 centipose (cps).

1. Remove lid.

2. Fill with appropriate soap and replace lid.

3. Priming the dispenser will take 6–10 pumps.

Zogics ClearVu/Encore Dispenser includes the following components:

1 x Dispenser

1 x Double-sided tape (attached to dispenser)

1 x Key (ClearVu 46oz. only)

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Opening the Dispenser

Filling Instructions

What’s Included

It is important to clean and maintain dispenser and check battery on a 

regular, scheduled basis. Failure to do so can result in malfunction.

• Open dispenser. Flush tank and pump mechanism with warm water to 

remove residue and contaminates. Refill with new soap and replace lid. 

(Figure 5.a)

• Cleaning all touch-points on dispenser with a disinfectant should be 

part of a regular cleaning schedule. (Figure 5.b)

• Periodically give the dispenser an overall cleaning. All internal and 

external parts should be cleaned thoroughly.

CAUTION: Never use abrasive cleansers when soap dispensers.


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