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MODEL 521 




NOTICE TO INSTALLER:  Instructions must remain with installation.

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1.   To help reduce the risk of elec tri cal shock, a properly 

grounded re cep tacle or con trol box of ground ing type must 
be in stalled and pro tect ed by a ground fault circuit interrupter 
(GFCI) in ac cor dance with the National Elec tri cal Code and 
ap pli ca ble local codes.  If pump is wired direct, a GFCI must 
be installed in the control box. (SEE WARN ING BELOW)

2.    Make certain that the ground fault in ter rupt er protected re cep -

tacle or con trol box is with in reach of the pump’s power supply 
cord. DO NOT USE AN EX TEN SION CORD.  Ex ten sion  cords 
that are too long or too light do not deliver suffi cient voltage 
to the pump motor. But more im por tant, they could present a 
safe ty hazard if the in su la tion were to become dam aged or 
the con nec tion end were to fall into a damp or wet area. 

 3.    Make sure the pump's elec tri cal sup ply cir cuit is equipped 

with fuses or cir cuit break ers of prop er ca pac i ty. A sep-
 a rate branch cir cuit, sized ac cord ing to the National Electrical 

1.   Inspect all materials. Oc ca sion ally, prod ucts are dam aged dur ing ship ment. If the unit is dam aged, con tact your dealer be fore 


2.    Carefully read all the lit era ture pro vid ed to fa mil iar ize your self with specifi c details re gard ing in stal la tion and use be fore at tempt ing 

the in stal la tion. These ma te ri als should be re tained for future ref er ence.                   

1.    Check to be sure your power source is ad e quate to handle 

the am per age requirements of the motor as indicated on the 
pump or unit I.D. tag. 

 2.   All plumbing (discharge and drain lines) must be in stalled to 

meet local codes.   


Code for the cur rent shown on the pump name plate is recom-

4.    TESTING FOR GROUND. As a safe ty mea sure, each elec tri cal 

outlet should be checked for ground us ing an Underwriters 
Lab o ra to ry  Listed  cir cuit  an a lyz er  which  will  indicate  if  the 
power, neu tral and ground wires are cor rect ly con nected to your 
out let. If they are not, call a qualifi ed licensed electrician.   

5.    Installation and checking of elec tri cal cir cuits and hard ware 

should only be performed by a qualifi ed li censed electrician.



7.    According to the state of California (Prop 65), this product 

contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause 
cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.




NOTE: Pumps with the “UL” mark and pumps with the “US” mark 

are tested to UL Standard UL778. CSA Certifi ed pumps are 
certifi ed to CSA Standard C22.2 No. 108.



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Summary of Contents for 521

Page 1: circuit sized according to the National Electrical 1 Inspect all materials Occasionally products are damaged during shipment If the unit is damaged contact your dealer before using 2 Carefully read all the literature provided to familiarize yourself with specific details regarding installation and use before attempting the installation These materials should be retained for future reference 1 C...

Page 2: ...cts etc or other abrasive or corrosive substances Limited Warranty This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied and we do not authorize any representative or other person to assume for us any other liability in connec tion with our products Contact Zoeller Pump Company 3649 Cane Run Road Louisville Kentucky 40211 1961 Attention Customer Service Department to obtain any nee...

Page 3: ... separately protected and properly grounded ground fault protected circuit DO NOT ever cut splice or damage power cord DO Ten Helpful Hints For Easy Installation Do s And Don t s For Installing A Unit NOT carry or lift pump by its power cord DO NOT use an extension cord with this condensate pump 5 DO NOT use a discharge pipe smaller than the pump discharge size 6 DO test pump immediately after ins...

Page 4: ...the furnace drain to the inlet hole s on the pump Refer to Figure 2 2 Figure 1 2 Figure 2 2 Figure 2 1 Note The drain line s should have a continuous downward slope to allow for gravity flow Note Local codes may require the use of a condensate neutralizer when using this pump Note Make sure the drain lines from the A C condenser are supported above the reservoir and no weight from the drain line i...

Page 5: ...low Figure 3 1 SK1764 STEP 3 Installation of Discharge Line STEP 4 Installation of Safety Switch SK1767 4 1 The pump safety switch should be used on 24V Class II control circuits only The pump safety switch connections are available on standard quick connect terminals located on the top cover Two wires with pre crimped connections may be plugged onto the COMMON and RUN terminals and wired into the...

Page 6: ...ntact Factory Refer to Maintenance section for cleaning instructions Check valve may allow some condensate to drain out of line into reservoir This is normal Check valve should be hand tight then tighten an additional 1 2 turn with a 9 16 wrench Condition Possible Cause Remedy Before servicing a pump always shut off the main power breakerandthenunplugthepump makingsureyouarenotstandinginwater anda...

Page 7: ...7 NOTES Copyright 2010 Zoeller Co All rights reserved ...

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