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Product information presented 

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Summary of Contents for 350

Page 1: ... Product information presented here reflects conditions at time of publication Consult factory regarding discrepancies or inconsistencies MAIL TO P O BOX 16347 Louisville KY 40256 0347 SHIP TO 3649 Cane Run Road Louisville KY 40211 1961 TEL 502 778 2731 1 800 928 PUMP FAX 502 774 3624 Visit our website zoellerpumps com ...

Page 2: ...n this manual when connecting to power lines 4 Always disconnect power source before performing any work on or near the motor or its connected load 5 Risk of electric shock This pump has not been investigated for use in swimming pool areas or marine areas 6 Protect electrical cord Replace or repair damaged or worn cords immediately 7 To reduce the risk of electric shock connect only to a properly ...

Page 3: ...n be used to decrease the on off cycle rate of the pump system which can extend the life of the pump Typical tank 3 gallon draw down Set tank PSI equal to pump tank PSI The entire system must be air and water tight to maintain prime Use thread tape on all connections to ensure no leaks Hand tighten all threads and then add additional half turn with wrench FOR NEW PUMP INSTALLATION 1 The inlet and ...

Page 4: ...ected from the cold environment OPERATING CONDITIONS Ambient temperature range 32 ºF 0 ºC to 104 ºF 40 ºC PRIMING After installation with the pump OFF open ball valves 1 and 2 and slowly unthread the air relief plug FIG 4 Allow inlet water pressure to fill the pump cavity and remove in line air pockets After the pump cavity fills with water retighten the air relief plug FIG 4 PRIMING ILLUSTRATION ...

Page 5: ...amage Once water flow is restarted the pump will re start the power automatically 4 Rapid Cycle Protection If the unit cycles repeatedly on off the unit will shut down to protect the pump life The optional water tank not maintaining pressure could be a potential cause Hourly it will turn on to sample the water flow requirements and return to shut down if the problem persists The home owner can fix...

Page 6: ... 3 If the pump is to be inactive for long periods it should be rinsed thoroughly with clean water then drained and stored in a dry place 4 If the pump shaft is seized up after periods of inactivity place a screwdriver in the motor end to rotate the shaft This should free the pump shaft See FIG 7 If this does not remedy the problem the pump will need to be dismantled FIG 7 FREEING UP PUMP SHAFT IL1...

Page 7: ... the flange b Place the 4 screws in the flange DO NOT tighten at this time When all 4 screws are in place tighten them diagonally onto the flange DO NOT over tighten Recmmended torque is 18 22 in lbs FIG 11 PLACING GASKET ON FLANGE FIG 12 TIGHTENING FLANGE Screws should be tightened diagonally Do not tighten the screws unevenly Pipe and flange should be installed in a straight line IL1966 Screw to...

Page 8: ...erandsubsequentownerduringthewarranty period every new product to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service when properly used and maintained for a period of one year from date of purchase Proof of purchase is required Parts that fail within the warranty period that inspections determine to be defective in material or workmanship will be repaired replaced or rem...