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Page 1: ...f Zoeller Co All Rights Reserved Questions problems missing parts Before returning to your retailer call our customer service department at 1 800 584 8089 7 30 a m 5 00 p m EST Monday Friday ATTACH YO...

Page 2: ...l oil kerosene etc Do not use in a flammable and or explosive atmosphere Failure to follow these warnings could result in death or serious injury and or property damage RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK These pu...

Page 3: ...oil and chemicals Avoid kinking the cord Replace or repair damaged or worn cords immediately CHEMICAL ALERT Prop65 Warning for California residents WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm www P65Warnings...

Page 4: for Assembly PREPARATION INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS 1 Attach garden hose adapter to the pump discharge and then connect garden hose to adapter B DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN THE GARDEN HOSE OR HOSE ADAPTER...

Page 5: ...e pump sooner unplug the pump for a few seconds and plug it back in NOTE This pump does not contain a water level sensor but will automatically shut itself off when water level drops to 1 8 in A built...

Page 6: ...hat you are not standing in water Unplug pump Remove debris 1 2 If pump clogs unplug the pump from the power supply Attach one end of a garden hose to a spigot and the other end to pump discharge Turn...

Page 7: ...utlet 2 Restricted discharge hose 2 Increase hose diameter to 3 4 in 3 Pump damaged 3 Replace pump 4 Plugged or kinked discharge 4 Clean and straighten hose Flow rate is low 1 Hose kinked 1 Straighten...

Page 8: is used for purposes other than for what it was designed and manufactured RETURN OF WARRANTED COMPONENTS Any item to be repaired or replaced under this warranty must be returned to the manufacturer...