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Automatically backs up files
from your PC and Mac

Ultra Fast, Shock Resistant & Compact

Protect Your Privacy

Shock Resistant Design

Integrated Cable Management

A hard outer shell and shock absorbing dampers 
on the inside protect the MiniStation hard drive.

Portable Hard Drive HD-PF

Features and Benefits

Memeo™ AutoBackup

TurboUSB Transfer Rates

Increases your USB file 

transfer speeds !

  Improved Cable Management

  Shock Resistant Design with Floating HDD

  Includes Firefox (Web Browser) and Thunderbird (e-mail client) mobile versions

  TurboUSB Increases Your Data Transfer Speeds!

  High-Speed 5400 rpm Hard Drive

  Plug-n-Play - ready for immediate use

  USB Powered - No Power Supply Needed


Memeo™ AutoBackup Software automatically backs up files from your PC and Mac.


SecureLockWare™  Encryption Software for Windows® PC Prevents Unauthorized Access to Your Data

Wrap-around USB cable attaches to the case 
so it cannot be misplaced

Buffalo's MiniStation TurboUSB Portable Hard 

Drive offers a compact, lightweight, shock 
resistant storage solution.  Store, back up and 
transport digital images, music and other files 
without taking up space on your PC's hard 

Best of all, the MiniStation TurboUSB includes 

a mobile versions of the popular Firefox Web 
browser and Thunderbird e-mail client. Have 
your personal e-mail and Web favorites with 
you at all times - private and secure.