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Quick Installation 

Reference Card 




56K V3 



PCI Dual Mode 

ITU-T V.92 & V.90 Modem 




Software Upgradeable 




 bps Data Modem (DUAL MODE) 


Supporting both V.92 and V.90



14,400 bps Send & Receive Fax 


  Supports speeds up to 115,200 bps 


V.42 Error Correction and 


V.42bis 4-to-1 Data Compression 




Capable of receiving at up to 56kbps, and send at up to 31.2kbps. Due to FCC regulations on power output, receiving speeds 
limited to 53kbps.  Actual speeds vary.  Requires compatible phone line and server equipment.  Complies with both the V.90 56k 
standard and K56Flex technology protocols. 


Summary of Contents for Smart LITE 8FM-56KSHSF-V3

Page 1: Send Receive Fax Supports speeds up to 115 200 bps V 42 Error Correction and V 42bis 4 to 1 Data Compression Capable of receiving at up to 56kbps and send at up to 31 2kbps Due to FCC regulations o...

Page 2: ...r email attachment sending time Technical Specifications Data ITU T V 92 V 90 K56Flex V 34 V 32bis V 32 V 22bis V 22 V 21 V 23 Bell 212A 103 Fax ITU T V 17 V 27ter V 29 V 21 Channel 2 Group 3 EIA Clas...

Page 3: ...may need to refer to your computer s User s Manual Selecting the COM Port The Zoltrix Smart Lite V 3 is PnP and can use COM ports 1 to 8 and IRQ s 2 3 4 5 10 11 12 15 This is selected automatically T...

Page 4: ...hone line into the jack on the modem labeled Line 2 Insert the other end of the phone line into the phone jack usually located on your wall If you wish to use a phone set in conjunction with your mode...

Page 5: ...r type in the correct path to the driver disk or Click on the Browse button and then select the correct drive and directory containing the Win98 driver Then click on the NEXT button If you have the Zo...

Page 6: ...steps are similar to Windows 98 Driver Installation but the locations of the drivers are as follows Windows 98SE D SmartLITE_V3 Win98se Windows ME D SmartLITE_V3 Win_ME Windows 2000 D SmartLITE_V3 Wi...

Page 7: ...If so change it to Q0 Your software may require numeric result codes rather than verbal result codes Use either V0 for numeric result codes or V1 for verbal result codes in your initialization or con...