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Quick Installation Reference Card

Smart Spirit V.90/K56


PCI PnP Fax Modem

with Voice Speakerphone Functions




Software Upgradeable





 bps Data Modem supporting both V.90 and




14,400 bps Send & Receive Fax



Supports speeds up to 115,200 bps



Full Featured Voice Messaging



Speakerphone Functions



V.42 Error Correction and V.42bis 4-to-1 Data



   Capable of receiving at up to 56kbps, and send at up to 31.2kbps. Due to FCC regulations on power output,
receiving speeds limited to 53kbps. Actual speeds vary. Requires compatible phone line and server
equipment. Complies with both the V.90 56k standard and K56Flex technology protocols.

Summary of Contents for FM-56KSHCF-VSP

Page 1: ...x Supports speeds up to 115 200 bps Full Featured Voice Messaging Speakerphone Functions V 42 Error Correction and V 42bis 4 to 1 Data Compression Capable of receiving at up to 56kbps and send at up t...

Page 2: ...and extended AT command set compatible Voice Speaker Phone Feature Notes In addition to high speed fax and data transfer functions your fax modem supports the following additional voice and speaker ph...

Page 3: ...e screwdriver and a small pair of pliers or tweezers A telephone set Optional Shielded PC speakers or headset required for speaker phone Microphone required for speakerphone Installation Steps The ste...

Page 4: ...line A dedicated line is a regular phone line that does not go through a switchboard PBX etc You can also connect a telephone set to your modem enabling you to use the phone when the modem is not in u...

Page 5: ...eck that all phone cords are firmly connected 2 Turn the computer power back on Lift the handset of the telephone again to check for a dial tone Once again you should hear a dial tone 3 You ve now com...

Page 6: ...lation If the screen to the right is displayed Click on Browse and once again select the correct drive and directory that contains the modem driver to complete the driver installation 7 You should the...

Page 7: ...hat actually contains a modem driver 5 Click on the NEXT button If the directory contained the driver you will see a screen similar to the right 6 Click on the NEXT button You will see a screen simila...

Page 8: ...s or V1 for verbal result codes in your initialization or configuration string Some software requires full extended result codes ie CONNECT 33600 instead of CONNECT This can be controlled by the Xn co...