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Connecting the USB cable


Plug one end of the USB cable into the USB port
on the PC.


Connect the opposite end of the USB cable to the
USB cable port on the bottom of the yepp.


If you disconnect the USB cable from your PC while 

implementing a command or initializing during USB driver 
installation, your PC may not function correctly. 


The yepp will automatically turn on. 


USB driver is installed with a message saying that
it is searching for a new device. You may not see
the display screen during installation. Go to the
device manager to check that installation 
has been successfully completed.


Upon installation of the USB driver
"SAMSUNG YP-35” will appear in the
[System Properties]


[Device Manager].

Before connecting yepp to PC, make sure to install USB driver.

Location of Controls

Playing Music

Stopping Music

When you press the 

button, the yepp logo appears and a music/voice file is played.

When you press the 

button while playing, the music stops. If no buttons are pressed within 10

seconds (changes depending on settings), the yepp automatically powers off.

You can also turn off the power by pressing and holding the 




USB connect cable

Earphone Jack

Neck strap Hook

SRS Button


Hold Switch

USB Cable Connection Port

Battery Cover

Forward/Backward Button

MENU/Loop Repeating/
Mode/Volume Button


YP-35 Quick Guide

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