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Assembly instructions 

changing bench 8528/29



7 mm

25 mm

(1)  Fastening of bench supports with the help of spacers

(2)   - 250 mm is the distance from the axis of the outer bench frame to the outer edge of the bench support 

-  7 mm is the distance between the front edge of the bench support and the front edge of the bench frame

(3)   Wall mounting on a solid masonry can be done, for example, with dowel and screw 6 mm Ø  

(procurement on site).

(4)   Depending on the floor conditions, countersunk screws 6 mm can be used for the floor fastening, for examp-

le (procurement on site)

(5)   Wall mounting of pre-drilled backrests on solid masonry can be done, for example, with dowels and screws 

6 mm Ø (procurement on site).

(6)   In the case of a version with shoe rack (model 8529), the shoe rack rods supplied are 50 mm shorter per 

side than the bench supports. For assembly, the shoe rest bars must first be placed lightly on the clamping 

bushes and aligned. When finally tightened (e.g. with plumber´s wrench), the crossbar must be protected 

against damage (e.g. scratching). To prevent bending of the crossbars during pressing, a suitable support 

(e.g. wooden block) can be used on site. Once the shoe support bars have been pressed down, they can no 

longer be moved. 

We have included the following assembly material for you to assemble the benches: 





Wood-thread screw 5 x 20 mm (e.g. Spax ®Assy)


Hald-round head screw M5 x 16 mm for bench  

supports made of aluminum profile 


Wood spacer 25 x 25 mm

Required tools:  

Assy bit or Allen wrench 3 (for 1a)


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