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Getting started:


We recommend that you charge new batteries before using them. 
To begin, connect battery to charger and commence charging. 
While charging, the red light will illuminate. When the red light turns 
green, the battery is 100% charged. 

Assemble Master Caddy: 

Fix the Hard Disk or Solid State Drive into the Master Caddy as 
shown (right). Align screw holes on all three pieces and assemble 
completely. Insert screws last. 


Handle the HDD or SSD with care

Touch screw holes or metal shell first. Avoid contact with circuit board 

and connectors. 

Refer to manual if unfamiliar with handling ESD 

sensitive devices.


Format HDD/SSD: 

Once your drive is inserted into the caddy, format it in your Ninja 
Blade recorder by selecting the BLUE arrow       next to Recording 
Time Remaining, Press 

Format HDD/SSD and follow the on-screen 


For more information refer to the User Manual. 




2.5 inch Hard Disk Drive [HDD] 
or Solid State Drive [SSD]. 
For recommendations refer to: 


You will also need:

HDMI Cable/s 

One end having a common 13.9mm type A plug for connection to Ninja 
Blade, and the other end having a plug suitable for your camera.


Ninja Blade


1 x 2-Cell Battery 

NP-570 Compatible 2600mAh


Single Battery Charger


+ Power Supply Unit


Master Caddy Docking Station


USB 3/2, 2.5” HDD/SSD


1 x Canon Battery Adaptor


9V AC Battery Eliminator 

110-240V AC for AC operation


QuickStart Guide


LANC/Serial Loop Cable 

2.5mm split to 2 x 2.5mm jacks for LANC 
and Loop LANC operation


2 x Master Caddies


1 x Nikon Battery Adaptor

Download the full Ninja Blade User Manual

Activate Avid DNxHD


Register now to extend your warranty

to 3 years from date of purchase

Atomos Ninja Blade

 ~ QuickStart Guide



Insert screws last and DO NOT over-tighten the screws 

or proper alignment of the Master Caddy can not be guaranteed.