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T H E   W O R L D   L E A D E R   I N   C L E A N   A I R   S O L U T I O N S





H14 True HEPA Filter

Effectively removes up to 99.995% of

ultra fine particles

Wi-Fi Smart Control

Control your unit anywhere and anytime

through our AAF Connect mobile app

UV-C Light

Ultraviolet light feature to provide 

additional protection against airborne 


PM & TVOC Display

Visualise your current indoor air quality

(IAQ) through real-time monitoring

360° Cylindrical 3-in-1 filter (Prefilter, 

H14 HEPA, Carbon)

Aerodynamic Design (3 inlets & 3 


Disinfects and diminishes bad smells in 

the room

Touch Panel OLED Display

Easy to operate and Maintenance

Mobility - 4 x Caster Wheels 

Product Overview

More Features

Remote Air Purification

Remotely control and monitor the air quality in your home, offices or any rooms with

AstroPure™ 550C using your mobile devices anywhere and anytime. You can even 

turn ON the unit using your mobile app to ensure the indoor air is clean before 

entering the room.

Intelligent Sensor

Equipped with the advance sensors to monitor the indoor air quality accurately and 

to ensure that the air you breathe is safe and clean. User friendly, just switch it ON 

and it will automatically adjust its fan speed accordingly to the indoor air quality by 

the sensors.

Cylindrical 3-in-1 Filter

Cylindrical filter designed to trap and remove airborne pollutants. It has a prefilter 

that collects dust, dirt, hair, and pet dander, an advanced high efficiency grade H14 

HEPA filter that provides the highest fine particle efficiency up to 99.995%, 

incorporating with an activated carbon filter leaving the occupants with lower 

chance to expose with the formaldehyde, odours, and smoke.    

Powerful Purifying Performance

AstroPure™ 550C provides safer and cleaner air, as 

the system is designed to operate with 4 stages of air 

filtration that is effective in purifying the polluted air, such 

as pollen, haze, fine dust harmful gases & odours, and 

even the health threatening microorganisms. It detects, 

filters and gets rid of PM1 around you in real-time.